Shannon Kaye
Loveland, CO
Media: Multi Media

I was 11 when my family moved to a mountain town west of Boulder, Colorado. This was clearly where I developed a passion for hiking, swimming, gathering, arranging, and decorating my room. My favorite finds were river rocks, driftwood, bird nests, pinecones, and wildflowers; and not much has ever changed, I continue to gather, hike, bike and decorate my home.

My creative passion evolved to basket making and fiber arts and my gathering was the area where I lived in Redstone Canyon west of Fort Collins where I gathered horsehair, pine needles, tree roots, Siberian Iris, yucca, bamboo, and made handmade paper and cordage to create unique baskets. Additionally, I worked with gourds making very unique sculptures and vessels.

I exhibited in Santa Fe Fiesta Show for three years and Currigan Hall in Denver, as well as galleries in Boulder, Vail and Denver. For the last nine years I have been creating folded book and handmade paper sculptures and vessels that straddle the line between steampunk and contemporary. Current folded book and paper sculptures materials include wood, handmade paper, books, painted canvas, magazines, brown bags, leather, rivets, brass screws, waxed linen, hemp string, acrylics, glass beads, and glue.

I have always said 'one thing leads to another' and I always look forward to changes in design, inspiration and personal growth.

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