Kayo Peeler

I am passionate about landscape painting and feel blessed to see these "moments of perfection" everywhere I go.

In addition to landscapes set in national parks, fishing rivers and local lakes,  I also consider myself a "town and sidewalk" painter.  I love to share in the bustle, energy and uniqueness of our local communities by painting street scenes.   Visually, I am particularly fascinated by the night lights that shine, gorgeous and a bit strange, completely transforming the character of our every day places of commerce and society into a fascinating, mysterious, silent, nocturne.  

I am a western painter, I love the history, the places and the attitude of the people here.   I travel the rivers and lakes and paths,  hauling my oil painting supplies with me.  I create "plein air" paintings on site and am also in my art studio daily,  producing  a continuous flow of artworks based on locations in Colorado,  Montana, Wyoming and New Mexico.

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