Kimberly Lavelle
Kimberly Lavelle
Ft. Collins, CO
Media: Watercolor, Acrylic

Kimberly Lavelle is an award winning artist residing in Fort Collins, Colorado. What separates her animal portrait work from that of other artists is how she honors and captures the unique spirit of each pet as she sees it shining out through their eyes.

Kimberly works from photos and thoroughly enjoys capturing the emotions, insight and quirkiness of animals in all of her artwork.

Kimberly has a passion for elephants and is sponsor of an annual fundraiser to help with the conservation and preservation of these amazing animals. In 2016 Kimberly donated 50% of art sales at her event to help raise over $11,000 for “Save The Elephants”. Her love of these charismatic beings is evident in every one of her huge portfolio of elephant paintings.

Kimberly also supports local organizations such as The Fort Collins Cat Rescue, Rocky Mountain Raptor Program and numerous other causes. Kimberly feels blessed to be able to help, albeit in a small way to those in need within our community and globally.

Until recently, her work has been with watercolors. She is now working with acrylics and moving forward with a bold, more intuitive type work.

Two of her pieces are featured in Brad Wheler's book "CAT SAYINGS: wit and wisdom from the whiskered ones" published in September 2012. Two paintings of her grandchildren are in Brad Wheler's most recent book "LOVE SAYINGS: wit & wisdom of romance, courtship, and marriage” published in March 2015.

Three of her pieces of art are published in the 2012, Richeson 75 International School of Art and Gallery's book "Animals Birds and Wildlife 2012 and one of her paintings is published in "Animals Birds and Wildlife 2015".

Kimberly's work is also featured in the "International Contemporary Artists" art book, volume VIII published by I.C.A. in spring of 2014 and also in "International Contemporary Artists" art book, volume IX published in November, 2014.

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