Melanie Hutchinson spent a dozen years living in Hyderabad, south-central India, working for nonprofit rescuing young girls from human traffickers.

Her job included educating young girls in trades they could use to make a living. They were taught to sew and were given lessons in block printing in English.

Hutchinson discovered that her students were quite talented in art. Adding to other subjects, Hutchinson also taught color theory. Silk from discarded saris was used to create beautiful hanging pieces of textile art.

Influenced by her stay in India, Melanie developed a particular style of textile art with reflections of the impressionistic style of Monet.

The process used is well planned and starts with a sketch.

Color is added then as the textile piece evolves, it may change from the sketch.

Melanie has a bachelor in fine art degree and teaching certificate from Siena Heights in Adrian, Michigan.