Left – “Conversation” 36×20 Photo ~ “Little Joy” 24×26 Photo ~ “Some Other Time” 24×26 Photo
Upper Right: “Mellow Yellow” 24×30 Photo ~ Lower Right: “Three Lost Sheep” 24×36 Photo

One Christmas morning a twelve year old boy found a magic box under the tree.

Among other things it contained a — LIGHT. He did not know it at the time but this would become the magic element for his creativity. . It was labeled as a Kodak ABC developing kit.
Jim Digby
What he discovered was when he exposed a negative of his dog Stoney onto the paper from the box and then immersed it in the developer, little by little there appeared an amazing likeness of his dog. That led to a better camera than the Kodak 50th Anniversary Brownie he started with. Then another. And yet another.

High School. He was the school paper photographer and he did the yearbook pictures. That led to a summer job at the Pueblo Star Journal-Chieftain where he found his first mentor: the kind, generous Glen Nichols. Jim wanted to be a photojournalist. W. Eugene Smith and Margaret Bourke-White were his heroes.

Then came Brooks Institute of Photography. The magic continued, his path changed. Portraiture became his passion. After interning with a prestigious Denver photographer, Kurt Jafay he discovered corporate photography. That led him to Glen Canyon Dam and the Bureau of Reclamation. The aerospace industry brought him to Martin-Marietta. Then a New Mexico Air Force testing facility where he captured rockets and jet fighters. Then he began working with international scientists at the National Center for Atmospheric Research. Mecca beckoned. Eastman Kodak kept him occupied for over 20 years

Now the magic really started to burn. While doing some commercial work he began studying with a diverse group of artists and photographers. Among them Jay Maisel, Freeman Patterson, Sherman Hines, Vincent Versace and Lisl Dennis.

Vincent Van Gogh, Monet, Picasso and Andrew Wyeth have become his idols and along with other muses Jim is now pursuing fine art photography.

Light is still magic.

Having garnered numerous awards Digby is living in a fantasy world where the light illuminates fragments of natural and man made beauty that he captures with a new electronic magical box. Digital cameras and the computer have become his tools. He calls his images “Optical Extractions”. Jim tries to infuse every image with passion and mystery leaving something for the viewers imagination.

He says that light excites him intellectually and emotionally … A favorite quotation describes this belief: “Light trumps all”.

Jim lives in Loveland, Colorado with his wife, Nancy, their two horses, two cats, an exuberant Bloodhound, Letti and Cam, a crazy wild Standard Poodle puppy.

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