Art is an expression of the inward self — to delight and be intrigued by participating in the experience of putting color on surfaces, experiencing the feel of texture and paint then to see the effort come into a cohesive presentation that excites the viewer … and excites the self

It is the exploration of the vibrant colors of acrylics and pastels that bring a painting to life that Bon finds exciting.

During my artistic journey, I have experienced oils, watercolors, pastels, colored pencil and acrylics. I have also experimented with wood turning, pottery, jewelry making and photography. I am now concentrating on acrylic painting as I feel acrylics allow me to best express my creativity through the vibrant colors and versatility of the medium.

Most recently, I have painted what I see around me in the Mountain West where I’ve grown up as a Colorado native, the Northern Sonoran Desert where I love to hike and observe the magnificent desert landscape, and the sea where I frequently sail and snorkel and experience colorful fish and sailboats. In many of my recent paintings, I’ve experimented with simplified shapes, intense colors, exaggerated perspectives with a few surprises sprinkled in.