Our Lincoln Gallery is located is downtown Loveland, Colorado. Owned and operated by the Thompson Valley Art League,  the Lincoln Gallery provides a venue for member artists to display their work and provides the community with original, local art.

Originally the Loveland Art League, the Thompson Valley Art League is a non-profit organization  which has been in existence since 1965 — it is the oldest Art League in the State of Colorado.

We are continually changing and transitioning in order to keep up with new trends and art preferences and media. Our Artists work in a variety of art including the areas of:

  • Oil Painting
  • Watercolor Painting
  • Acrylic Painting and Mixed Media
  • Fiber Art
  • Photography
  • Ceramics, Pottery and Sculpture
  • Jewelry

Our long-standing mission still reflects our strong emphasis on and commitment to our community and to our artists:

The purpose of the organization shall be to promote an enthusiastic pursuit of art; to encourage individuality, originality and freedom of expression; to provide members with opportunities to obtain public recognition;image-2684″ /> to advance to the public the knowledge, appreciation and practice of the arts and collection of works of art.